Wednesday, December 08, 2010


today our house still smells like a Christmas tree.  because of our REAL (pete prefers fake, boo) tree, and the spruce tree candle I have had burning for hours.

today we are looking at bunk beds for the girls.  just looking.
today we've stayed in our pj's all day.  our friend jonas came to play and he was already dressed at 8:30 a.m. whoa.
today I had to find our little people baby Jesus because charlotte always takes him and then I have to search for him in every room of the house.
today I watched eden cackle with delight at old tom and jerry cartoons...she LOVES them!
today I hope we get some more sweet Christmas cards in the mail.  love those.
on friday we should find out our new wait list number.  it might not be a huge difference from 37...but I'm ok with that.  I really know that God has a baby boy picked just for our family and we will meet him at a perfect time.
these pictures were taken the other day. not today.  but I had to share them anyway.

 those are their zoo pants that mawmaw sewed them.  and yes, we were at the zoo!  the afternoons here are still sunny and beautiful.
so there you have it.  today...friday...and a few days ago. 
off to think of Christmas presents for some family and friends!

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