Monday, November 29, 2010

taking inventory

so we've had a little sickness floating around our house.  eden had a fever on saturday.  I felt flu-ish most of the weekend.  and even little char-char has a stuffy/runny nose, cough, and other ickiness that is super gross in cloth diapers. 
but I'm hoping it will all be gone soon.  I've washed the sheets and washed everyone's hands a million times.
I'm a little bummed that I don't have a new wait list number to share with you.  we've been on the list for over a  month and NO movement. I was fine up until yesterday.  now I am checking everything and anything I can that might indicate someone got a referral and that we've moved up the list.  I just need a little something that suggests progress, that's all.  ugh.
soon soon soon, I hope. I took inventory on our adoption t-shirts.  here is what we have left for anyone that would still like one.
Adult sizes: S-1, M-6, L-14, XL-8, XXL-1
Kids sizes: XS-1, L-2, XL-3
So, hurry and get them while we have them!  and thanks to everyone who has already supported us!
and one more bit of miscellany.
we decorated for Christmas the day before Thanksgiving.  we are leaving before Christmas and won't be back til after the new we decorated early so we could enjoy it for a bit.
every year I say I am going to put our names on our stockings...and then I never do.  SO, this year I am finally doing it.  I started with charlotte's because her name is the longest.  and I have "e" and "d" put on eden' I'm making progress!

we don't have a fireplace so our stocking are hung on an antique suitcase with care.
I can't wait to add another stocking to that line up.  I keep dreaming of holding him.  wondering what his hair will smell like when I kiss the top of his head.  mmmmm.


The Mulder Family said...

Hope that you had a good Thanksgiving minus the sicknesses...hope everyone is feeling better now :)

Alison said...

Hey girl! Love the shirt! It is for my brother and I think he may need a medium instead of large...sent you an email. Is it okay to swap sizes?

Amy said...

AWESOME t-shirts!!!

Carrie said...

Do you still have shirts? I'd love to order one...or two. Do they run true to size? Let me know and I'll place my order.
Love your blog, by the way. Your family is just precious! :)

Abby said...

carrie...yes we still have shirts. adult size m-xxl.
they are true to size. I would order what you usually wear in a t shirt or top. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I’ve meant to post about something like this on my webpage and you gave me an idea. Cheers..