Tuesday, November 02, 2010

doro wat!

tonight I made an ethiopian chicken stew in the crock pot called doro wat.  I love trying/making new foods, and it was especially fun making something ethiopian.  I also attempted an easy injera recipe that certainly wasn't the real deal...but it was yummy, too. 
I am staying with my in-laws this week and they were willing to give it a shot...and it was a success!  everyone tried it and liked it!  eden said it was too spicy, but I was glad she tried some bites.  and even little charlotte had some boiled egg, injera, and chicken.  love my sort of adventurous eaters.

after dinner we read the new book we got in the mail today called a mother for choco.  it is my new favorite book to read to the girls.  choco is a bird who needs a mother...and he finds one that doesn't look anything like him...mama bear. 

'twas an ethiopian-ish, adoption-y day.


Rebekah said...

We LOVE "A Mother for Choco"! I think it is our favorite adoption book.

Suzanne said...

can you post the recipes for the dishes you tried?


Amy said...

You are an awesome mama! And yes, please post the recipes!! :)

Unknown said...

ah! so glad you commented today. i order a lot of adoption tees and want so much to feature my very favorites soon. i couldn't remember where i got this one. going to try to mark this now so i don't forget!
also, love that book & would love the recipe, too! =)