Friday, September 23, 2011

third time's a charm

there are a whole lotta fun things about having little girls.  as I am sure there are about having little boys.
one fun little girl detail is when they are asked to be a flower girl in a wedding.  because they get to dress up so sweetly and parade down an aisle and drop petals from a basket.  and the crowd usually giggles and ooohs and ahhhs over how cute they are, because well, they are.

eden started her flower girl career in our friends jason and janette's wedding.  she was two years old.

I am not sure where that baby girl went.  how can she be so close to 5??!!
her second flower girl title was earned at my dear cousin erin's wedding when she married handsome bryan.

eden's partner in crime ring bearer was her cousin Jackson, and this wedding was even featured in bride's atlanta magazine! and just fyi...if you need a fabulous photographer and live in should totally hire erin and bryan at tin can photography!
our third flower girl experience was this past weekend when joanna married harrison.  joanna is my BFF natalie's younger sister.  and I've watched her grow into a beautiful, beautiful woman.
and this time little sister charlotte joined in as a co-flowery girl.  they both did great and giggled the whole way down the aisle.

one special thing about this wedding is that it was held in the same pasture where pete and I got married. my parent's land...that used to house our cows and horses.  here are the girls walking through the same clearing that I did as a bride on my daddy's arm, looking at their daddy.  pretty magical.
looking forward to more flower girl years with these precious gifts.  and soon we'll have a ring bearer!

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tin can photography said...

hooray for my beautiful flower girl and handsome ring bearer! they're the best! and i can't wait for their new ezra to arrive!