Tuesday, May 04, 2010

a mother's prayer

been thinking a lot about mothers and mother's day.  about people who have lost their mother.  mothers who have lost their children. and people who desperately want to be mothers.  about my daughters.
and then today I remembered a song that my sweet friend juli put on a cd that she made when eden was born.  it's called a mother's prayer and is sung by celine dion...to the tune of the more popular song 'the prayer'.  and of course, in true mother fashion, I cry and cry most times I listen to it.
I am incredibly grateful to be a mother. to have incredible examples of mothers in my life...one being my very own.

I pray she finds your light
 and holds it in her heart

as darkness falls each night, remind her where you are
every mother's prayer, every child knows,
need to find a place... guide her with your grace, give her faith so she'll be safe


Suzanne said...

You are such a sweet mommy to your little angels! I love your pictures and precious words of love. You have a new blog follower!

Cousin Suzanne

Melissa Sharp said...

my heart...this is beautiful, and I LOVE the pictures.


Sarah said...

Sis, this is perfect. Ugly face tears.