Friday, May 07, 2010

first pool turd of the season

since it's been in the 90's this week I decided that today needed to be the first backyard blow-up pool day of the year.  I was pretty excited because a month or so ago I bought eden and charlotte matching swimsuits.  I can't help it...I am a sucker for matching those cats.  so, I got them dressed.  eden brought about 400 barbies and floaty things outside that needed to swim with her.  we moved the slide so that they could slither right into the water.  filled up the pool with cold hose water and let them in.
eden was splashing around like an old pro, and charlotte acted like she'd been doing it for years as well.
all was dandy until charlotte got that look that all moms know well.  she was squeezing a big one out.  and since I wasn't prepared (and I want to buy a reusable swim diaper) she wasn't wearing anything but her suit.

so. the matching swimsuits were no more.  we stripped her naked, hosed off her dimpled booty, and put on an old suit of eden's that I'd just resurrected from the attic.  the turd fell onto the grass in the changing process and pete almost threw up at the sight of it.  he is so weird.  he'll shovel dog poo all day long, but his own kid's poop makes him gag.  I love him, but that just doesn't make sense.
I'm looking forward to swimming in the backyard all summer long.  even if that means cleaning up a little poop now and then.  it happens.


Amy said...

Cuz, you just made me laugh a lot.

AtlantaMama said...

LOVE THESE!!!!!!! Too Cute!!

Sarah said...

you slay me, sis.