Friday, September 25, 2009

Bible reading with Eden

after eden and I ate scrambled eggs for lunch, she brought me one of her bibles to read to her. it's a children's one with pictures and abbreviated stories...but more grown-up than a board book one. it has 300 or so thin, pretty pages.
so....we begin in Genesis. she is fascinated that adam and eve are in the garden of eden. we've told her this before, but today it seems to really click. her eyes twinkle and she says "like me! dockery! I'm EDEN dockery! and God loves dockery! can you believe it, mom?!" yes, eden, I can.
we read that God made all the animals and she reaffirms her love of aquariums. and going to them with Jackson (her cousin).
we keep going and she asks what is happening on each page.
we get to pharoah and he is illustrated as a bald guy....she asks "mom, is that charlie brown?"
we see the plagued nile river turned bloody...she shouts "what BEAUTIFUL red water!"
on to the arc of the covenant..."is that baby Jesus in there?"
daniel with the lions, mean kings, moses in the basket. she just can't get enough of the stories.
then we hit the new testament. she is thrilled, as always, to see baby Jesus amongst the cows and lone donkey. she says "there was nobody at their church that day". well, sort of, eden.
Jesus gets baptized and "the fishies were watching". I bet they were.
then He eats the last supper with His friends. I show her the cross and He's hanging on it. He died so we could go to heaven. she says she misses Him and wishes He could come to her house. I told her He is always with us and He's coming back to get us. we look at the picture of Him in the sun shiney clouds. she says she's going to hug Him and that would make Him happy.
I have no doubt it would thrill Him.
then she learns we are supposed to tell other people this story.
my greatest prayer is that she does. and that I don't screw up trying to teach her about Him.
I want to raise little world changers. and by God's grace and love, I'm gonna.


Brei said...

may it be as you say! lovely little Bible reading ya'll.

katie davis said...

i love how she's full of wonder=)

Laura said...

Hi Abby! I thought since you are always so nice to post on my blog, I would come and check out yours. And what a good time to do it! I love this. One time I was reading about the Holy Spirit coming down from heaven, and Elliott asks me "where's heaven?" Hmm.

keight dukes said...

i wish i could read the bible with the kind of wonder. so beautiful.