Sunday, May 06, 2007

6 months...half a year!!

Eden is now a big six month old, weighing in at 17 lbs. she enjoys eating all of the baby food we feed her, and doesn't seem to be picky for now. she loves her two doggies, even though Lencho the chihuahua is very afraid of her strong grasp! we're all looking forward to meeting her new cousins due this June and July!


tin can photography said...

Love the picture updates-she has quite the personality:) and you know...about the pottery...if you send a little bird over with suggestions of something you might like and a color, then i'll see where my free time leads me--you are a favorite after all-though it might have to be a Christmas present!

Joy and Bryan said...

What a cutie! She looks so much like Pete sometimes and then just like you others. Isn't it amazing? I would love to be your personal photographer. When can I start?

Love you guys!

Sarah&Jason said...

sis--after reviewing these, i do believe that white dress is the one i just bought june-bug. how sweet. and i can't wait to drink coffee with the cutie edie-pie as she looks to be waiting for me on the front porch bench.