Monday, April 02, 2007

5 months old

Eden is now five months old and learning new tricks every day. She can roll over and likes to do so while Mom tries to change her diaper. She also has two new bottom teeth, and can't wait to eat a big Texas steak. We love every minute with her!


erin said...

I love these pictures! Though, it seems like you could take a picture of her doing anything and we would all love it:) Hope you had a good Easter weekend. All the Chupps were home so we had an egg hunt--but with plastic eggs filled with a good surprise rather than the candy coated sugar ones we used to get. My mom thought I was looking low at one point and pulled a Pawpaw, dropping one by me as she walked past-haha!

Joy and Bryan said...

WHAT A CUTIE. I love looking at all of the sweet pictures and keeping up with you guys. I can't believe Eden already has two teeth - WOW! She is absolutely adorable.