Wednesday, February 02, 2011

they weren't lying

it's snowin'. it's cold. freezing in fact. it was around 7 degrees this morning and we've warmed up to a toasty 14.  coldest el paso day in 20 years.  the power has been on and off, but we are extremely thankful for our warm, sturdy house.  seems like there are so many people freezing all over the country with all the blizzards and extreme weather.  praying it all goes away soon!
pete and some other casas por cristo missionaries just crossed into freezing mexico to deliver coats, blankets, hats, gloves, and other warmness.  his truck has been having some issues starting so the girls and I stayed home...although I wanted to go with all of my heart.  we pray that these gifts show these people Jesus.  that He cares. He loves.
here is a little of what we've been doing on this snowy day. I haven't gone outside except to let the dogs out.  making a snow man just isn't that appealing to me yet.
we made some snow flakes...don't mind the dirty window :)
 tried on daddy's hat....
then had to brush out that hat hair.
 endured the smell of the world's stinkiest chihuahua
 let jesse (the mostly outside dog) inside
 found our snowman hair bow
 took this picture of lencho's dog house
 and...played inside doll houses.
we are praying for pete's safe return, as well as the rest of the group.  and watching the snow flurry down to the ground.  hope you are all safe and warm!


alicia said...

Oh my! That's cooold!!! It's zero here right now with wind chill of -11, yikes!!! Thankful too for a warm place :) sorry its cold. Enjoy the snuggle time with your sweetie girls!!! And sending prayers for pete's safety!

Sarah said...

love the snowflakes. the homemade ones. the best. love you and your little texas petes.