Monday, April 27, 2009

how is it the end of april?

well, I am officially 2 weeks away from graduating from nursing school. so that is a definite hallelujah. I have been enjoying spending time with my precious daughter as I finish up everything to do with this last semester. I feel free and easy and thankful. now I can do what I like best....stay at home. stare at eden. not have to wonder what she is doing without me. bake. make pete his favorite treats. all without worrying about what paper is due next or what test I need to pass. I do have one *minor* thing left... passing the state boards, but I'll worry about that another day.

Eden has been doing wonderfully. She reads and reads all day long. She can memorize a book faster than anyone I know. her favorites are of course anything to do with a princess. she also likes this book that her aunt natty gave her about a baby being born. I think she is pretty geared up to play the part of big sister. I can hardly wait. We had an ultrasound last Monday and baby #2 looks great. It weighed 2lbs 4oz. I am 28 weeks now and feeling great. I am so grateful to get to carry this baby around and take care of it's big sister on the outside.