Monday, January 31, 2011

winter what?

the weather peeps of el paso keep warning us about winter weather invading the sun city for the next 3 days or so.  I am not, I repeat, NOT happy about this.  I'm a Georgia girl, born and raised.  and now...I'm an el pasoan.  anything below 60 is not ok with me.  they are even talking about snow on wednesday.  ugh.  go ahead and make fun.  just being honest here, people.
I am really going to try and embrace the weather by eating soup and drinking warm beverages and the like.  but in my heart I'll be dreaming of drying charlie's diapers in the sweet texas sun, and letting the girls go barefoot in the backyard.

this weather also makes me worry so much about our friends and neighbors across the bridges in juarez.  can you imagine living through freezing temperatures in a home made out of cardboard or pallets?  please remember juarez and it's people in your prayers.  the casas por cristo blog posted a story about the deaths in juarez due to the freezing temperatures that you can read about HERE.
pete will head across the border in the morning to pour the slab and start on a new home for a family there.  thankful that one more family will be provided for...and still can't help but think about those still waiting for a house.
don't forget to thank God today for your home. I know I won't.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

want to change some lives?

a little video about the ministry we love and serve with.  casas por cristo.
wanna come?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

twenty something

this past week has been filled with ups and downs for our adoption process. not really downs...but just new parts and regulations...and that always makes me feel a little confused and overwhelmed. everything is still's just that international adoption seems to always be changing and evolving and we just have to try and stay on top of understanding it all.
the happy news is that at least 7 referrals were given out last week! so that means we are AT LEAST number 27....and I think we are less. our agency has decided to no longer give out actual wait list numbers. the reason behind this is that they don't really go in order to match children with families. they match the children based on what child they feel will be the best fit for each specific family. they are giving us time lines and keeping us updated, and so we still feel like we know where we are in the line up. I think I am still going to make up numbers and take pictures of them...just for fun! who doesn't like a count down?!
SO. good, happy things are happening for holt families and we are so thankful to see children being matched with families.  it has been so slow going the last few months and a big batch of referrals was very encouraging.
also.  I've been meaning to post pictures of this special Christmas present since I received it...

my best friend natalie painted this for me.  I found the quote on another blog and LOVED it.  it is from story people.  we both cried a little when she gave it to me (along with the books E is for Ethiopia and the colors of us!!).  whenever I am feeling a little down or missing the baby boy I don't even know...this beautiful piece of art always cheers me up.
thanks natty.
and thanks to all of you commenters and readers...I so appreciate your prayers and encouragement and words and love.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the princesses and the pea

it is no secret that eden loves to read.  here she is lost in her bookshelf.
this Christmas her aunt and uncle gave her the book "the princess and the pea".  but not just any old princess and the pea...a version that has an african setting!  it is by rachel isadora and you can see it HERE.  it has beautiful illustrations and we LOVE to read it...daily.

 yesterday, the girls played pretend princess and the pea using pillows for mattresses.  and wouldn't you know...they felt the pea!  but, I already knew they were real princesses. 

and in other news. pete bought me tulips. aren't they pretty?
have a happy tuesday!

Friday, January 14, 2011

just stay this little

our girls are at such sweet ages.  we spend hours coloring, playing dress up, painting...and eden's latest favorite...playing OLD MAID! hahaha!  the first few times we played I ended up with the old maid card at the end, which eden thought was SO funny.  the first time she lost and was branded the old maid she didn't feel quite the same way.  she cried. and I tried not to laugh.  so I told her it was funny to be the old maid...not sad.  so, now, we laugh and laugh when the game is over.  which might not sound funny to you...but trust me, her loud laughter is hilarity.

and maybe you didn't know...but the art of painting a tin can to be used as a pencil holder is still very much alive and well.

and I do realize this is impossible...but I sure do wish they'd stay this little.  

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sometimes I pretend

that I am a photographer.
because I really love to take pictures.  but don't really know what I'm doing.
my sister-in-law named jessica is pregnant with my niece named violet.  while we were home I took some maternity photos for her.  and I love the way some of them turned out.  I had great pictures taken when I was pregnant with charlotte, but really regret not taking many during my pregnancy with eden pie.
so here are some of my faves.  thanks for letting me take these jessica and stephen!
I'm pretty certain that miss violet is destined to be a beauty.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

need two babies, mommy

this is charlotte's latest phrase.  she is obsessed with two things as of late.  babies and spoons (which she calls moonies).  she cannot ever hold just one baby.  she "need two babies, mommy".  and especially when she sleeps. 
so, so sweet.

Friday, January 07, 2011

and so, we'll wait some more

we got some news from our adoption agency this week.  and it was a little hard to swallow.  the news was that we will be waiting longer than originally anticipated for our little boy.  we were told to expect 6 to 9 months from dossier to referral...and now we might have to wait up to a year for a referral.  our agency is wonderful and fully explained the changes and reasons for the increased wait times.  but, like I was really hard/sad for us to think about waiting longer for our son.  we already love him so much and are so looking forward to knowing who he is!
but.  we are more than willing to wait as long as it takes for our referral.  and we fully trust our agency and appreciate their hard work to bring families together and care for orphans.  we're just reprogramming our hearts and brains for this new time frame.  our dossier was submitted in october, so we could potentially not receive his referral until october 2011.  this would mean he wouldn't be home until 2012. but if I think about it like that...I get upset!  we're just taking things one month at a time.  loving raising our daughters.  and excited for the future. I said.  this is all just a guess.  they just wanted us to know that at this time things will be slowing down and they are hoping things will pick up in the coming months.  I am still holding onto the hope of having him home in 2011...because, why not?  hoping for this year, knowing that it might not come to be.  and always knowing that it will all happen at the exact, right, beautiful time.
yesterday I cleaned out the top of eden's closet.  I came across some baby boy clothes that my sister let me have in case charlotte was a boy.  I saved them because I thought one day I might have a son.  when I stumbled upon them I got all teary.  picturing his sweet, brown skin in this light blue outfit I'd picked up.  oh, what a day that will be!
So there is our adoption update.  thank you SO much for being a part of this journey with us.
kisses from charlotte :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

shadow puppets

a few days ago I found eden making shadow puppets on the wall.  it was so cute watching her try to figure out how to make different animals with her hands and fingers.  I love capturing these childhood memories.

we are still just sitting on the list for baby boy.  I am hoping for a little more action in these first few months of 2011.  hoping, hoping, hoping!