Friday, November 18, 2011

still here!

for all of you faithful blog readers...we are still alive!  and still waiting.
I really didn't intend to not post anything for such a long just kind of happened.
sometimes it is just hard for me to write during the unknowns and these long waiting periods.
we've been on an emotional roller coaster these last few weeks.  some of the story is going to have to wait to be written until sweet Ezra is home.  but, oh man, is it a STORY.  with multiple miracles involved.

we have learned a lot of new information recently.  a big, HUGE, new piece of the ezra that he is not almost 5 months old, he is almost 1 YEAR old!  we were involved in a paperwork mix up and learned that our beautiful boy will turn one in just a few days!  wow.  because of this newly found paperwork issue we are still waiting to be submitted to court. again.
we were submitted, and then given a court date.  but soon after...the mix up was discovered and we were back to square one.
it has been incredibly hard waiting for all of this to get sorted out.  but we have seen God move in miraculous ways and we fully trust that he will bring us together with ezra soon.
please join us in praying that our paperwork will be finalized soon, and we are submitted to court, and received another court date quickly.  we KNOW that God can move mountains.  we've seen it first hand.

our family is doing great.  eden and charlotte pray for their brother multiple times a day, and just want him to be home.  eden is still loving preschool.  she goes to a little Christian school and if you ask her what her favorite part of school is...she'll always reply: worship.  she is our little song bird, and loves to sing about Jesus.

charlotte is as crazy as ever.  she is obsessed with playing pretend.  we just got down all of our Christmas decorations and we have been playing with our little people manger scene all day long.  she refuses to believe that Joseph is Jesus's dad.  she likes the wise man with the crown.  according to her, he is the daddy.  she also calls the angel a butterfly.  the angel/butterfly kept bringing Jesus raisins and pizza today.  I sometimes have to bite my lip with all the stuff she comes up with.

we are looking forward to my parents coming out to visit us for a few days before thanksgiving.  and also to going to GA for Christmas in a few weeks.  Pete has several teams scheduled to build with over the holidays.  the nights are quite chilly here and we are so thankful for teams willing to come and provide homes for the needy in juarez.

thank you for your love and prayers!  I think I am back, blog world.


SaraLyons said...

Praying for you!!!!

meredith and justin said...

It's so good to hear an update, Abby. I'm sorry it has been a tough couple of months. I am praying for you and your little boy! Praying he is in your arms very soon!

Alison said...

So glad to have you back, Abby! Can't wait to hear of your court date!!!

Alaina said...

Since we are naming our little guy Estler...when I write Estler down on paper to pray for him, I simply feel compelled to write Ezra as well. We pray for him so much!

I am sure your journey is filled with ups and downs as everything is constantly changing. But God does not! And he knows every little thing about Ezra.

We will pray that you can get your court date soon!

Renee said...

the journey to parenthood never seems to be the way we planned, huh?? so sorry for this setback abby! i know you want him in your arms like yesterday! will just continue to pray, pray, pray!

love you girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh what joys await the Dockery family. While we are trying to be patient about court dates etc.God keeps busy thinking up wonderful things for all of my sweethearts! God is so good!