Monday, June 28, 2010

this morning my mind is full of things I am thankful for.  so I think I should probably write them down.

1.  my husband is in mexico with a team of english kids building a home for someone.  yep, my bff nat's ministry named canvas came all the way from birmingham, england to juarez, mexico.  God be with them as they learn what being hot is all about.

2.  I made eden a pancake for breakfast with blueberries for eyes, a chocolate chip for the nose, and sliced strawberries for juicy lips.

3. eden is now obsessed with the wizard of oz soundtrack, so we are finally getting a break from the little mermaid one.  she has her own cd player in her room that she blasts music from...not sure where she gets that from :).   you should here her belt "if I were the king of the forrest!".  she also loves elvis because of her buddy, jax.  "see see rider" is her fave.

4. waking up to pick smiling charlotte up from her crib is simply the best.  this morning she kept dropping her blanket and saying "uh-oh!".  we repeated this game for a good long while.

5. coffee.  and honey vanilla creamer.

6.  my church.

7. the fact that today I don't have any plans except playing with my daughters.

8. the way my ecover dish soap smells.

9.  the fact that Jesus really loves me.  even when all I ever do is pick apart how I could be SO much better at everything.

10. our home grown tomatoes!

there's certainly more...but these are the ones coming to mind at this moment.
one thing that I am not thankful for is the fact that iphoto...the way I put pictures on everything from our mac...keeps shutting down every 5 seconds and I can't figure out how to fix it!  blast!  this is why there are no adorable, preshy pics of my girls on this post.

the end.


Renee said...

i love making these kinds of lists! and everything on yours is just perfect....smiley face pancakes, playing w/daughters on the agenda, loving Jesus.....all wonderful! God is so good and gives so many blessings!!! glad you are soaking them all in! :)

Sarah said...

sis, sis, sis. i never want to blog because I royally stink at it and you royally are wonderful. perfect.