Wednesday, April 07, 2010


one more post about cloth diapering, and I might stop.  but, no promises.

my cousin/friend amy has opened up her very own cool cloth diapering business!  I think you should all go check's called clothbottom!
Her website has tons of information and sells some way cute cloth diapers and accessories.  I can't tell you how easy the switch to cloth diapering has been for the dockery fam.  I just LOVE them, and have even become a bit obsessed.  I covet every new design with a tree or stripe on it.  but my main selling point will always be how much money you save compared to disposables, and how they are better for a sweet baby bottom.  oh and duh, for mother earth.
I always thought you had to be this extreme granola mom to go cloth.  like, shear the sheep for the wool, dye it, dress like a pilgrim type.  but-- I have found that you just have to be willing to do a load more of laundry every other day.  come on now, easy!  I am just a regular gal that loves target and modern technology and I have loved making this a part of our life with babies.
I am also a stay-at-home mom, which makes using cloth diapers all the time pretty easy.  Some of my bloggy friends are working mamas...and I know a lot of daycares won't do cloth.  but, even using cloth at home and on the weekends would save money and waste...just throwing that out there.
so, there's my pitch for cousin amy and clothbottom.  oh, and the fact that she is giving 10% of all profit to help fight child poverty.  come on some the money...go cloth diapering. 

and if you seriously are considering this I'd be happy to talk about what brands I've tried and liked.

hooray for cloth diapers!!

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