Wednesday, July 29, 2009

happy birthday patty sue!

59 years ago today, my beautiful mother was born. I love her so very much and hope she has a wonderful day today.
here are some fun facts about patricia sue jenner harbin:
she knows every bit of trivia about the movie "the wizard of oz"
she makes the world's best biscuits
she has 5 lovely children...the 4th one being a rare beauty
she has 8 grandchildren and one on the way
she loves to sew and sing soprano
she once had her hand broken by a run away burro
she is a known "baby whisperer"
if she tells you she won't "say another word" don't believe her
she is a yankee, but you wouldn't know it
she is a lover of ketchup (even going so far as to dip green beans in it and "pretend" they are french fries)

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AtlantaMama said...

happy b'day to your Mom! i love the poem too!!!