Saturday, June 06, 2009

an overdue update...

Eden telling Daddy how it is
Wheeling my niece, June, and Eden around in Mexico

My first sewing project

Eden's new friend in Mexico

we're getting close!

well, I thought that I would become a better blogger after I graduated...but it looks like that hasn't come true. many things have happened since my last bloggery. I GRADUATED from nursing school at the university of texas at el paso. it feels wonderful. I take my state boards soon, so keep me in your prayers. I have been enjoying every minute of taking care of my little girl and being at home. I don't have any plans to work any time soon. we have a little less than 6 weeks until this new little baby comes along and I have zero desire to rush into a job.

pete has been super busy building homes this summer. we are so happy that some teams aren't scared away by the violence or swine flu, and are still coming to build homes for families that need it so desperately. eden and I got to go on a build 3 weeks ago with my home church. it was a family affair that included my dad, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother, and 2-yr-old niece. we built two houses for two sweet families and were treated to a home cooked meal by both families in appreciation. I LOVE mexican food and could it eat 3 meals a day. good thing, I guess. eden loved playing in the dirt with the kids and sleeping in her princess sleeping bag! the 3 of us slept in the church nursery and it was cozy and sweet.

we've been trying to get ready for the baby little by little. we got a double jogging stroller and a bassinet. eden and I walk 3 miles every morning and I am hoping that the new baby learns to like walks faster than eden did. I have also been learning how to sew, so I can make my sweet babies clothes. It is a lot harder than I thought, but very fun.

So....there is our update. eden continues to amaze us with her memory and singing abilities! I will post some movies of her singing soon.


katie davis said...

oh for crying out loud sister! it's about time! not like you've been busy or anything. serious: thanks for the update. love hearing about the dockery's =)

thedunns said...

Eden is absolutely precious & I love the one where she's telling her daddy how it is! So cute :) How miserable are you being 6 weeks away from delivery, running around after a 2 year old & being out in that heat???? Can't wait to hear about the new bundle. On 1 hand I'm thinking boy (now that I have one, I think everyone should have one) but on the other hand I think girl (Eden is so beautiful, I'd love to see another one of her!) Good luck :)

AtlantaMama said...

thans for the great update!! Congrats on finishing up w/ your RN. That's AWESOME!! And you look great! It must be the 3 miles a day -- but I can't believe you are near the end and you just look like you stayed tiny. I hope I can do that this time and not gain like I did w/ my first. I was HUGE! Do you know what you're having? The clothes you made are TOO CUTE and I'm so proud of you... I can't do stuff like that. AWESOME JOB!! Love you!!!! Can't wait to hear BABY NEWS SOON!

tin can photography said...

how i love your dear sweet family! selfishly, i wish you were closer so i could join in on morning walks or sing more mulan with eden, but you guys are doing such great work there in texas! muah!

Carrie and Scott said...

it was great reading about you and your familyin your update. you look great by the way! Eden is precious and I can just imagine what #2 will be like. you must not know the sex...or maybe it's a secret. can't wait to find out!!! thanks for all you do in TX and take care of yourself in that heat. It's in the 90's here and it's HOT!