Sunday, January 27, 2008

15 months!

sorry for the lack of posts. I've just been lazy. Eden is doing great. she loves to sing, play outside, try and repeat everything we say, and play with her doggies. She is always surprising us with something new she's learned...this is such a fun age.


Carrie and Scott said...

She is so beautiful...look at those eyes!

Sarah&Jason said...

i too have slacked at blogspot. go sis for updating. love you.

Joy and Bryan said...

I love to hear from you guys. Eden is adoreable. You are so right about this age - it is so fun. Here is a funny story about what Jacob is learning. When you ask him what a doggie says - he says "roof, roof" a duck? he says - "quack, quack" a cow? he says "Mama" Don't you love it!